Read documentation carefully...!!

We Are responsible for our services within our documentation limits. If you will violate our rules and regulations of work, we will not be responsible for your lose.

Our Guarantee!

All the services we provide are 100% Tested & secure for social media accounts & and have no harm for them.
Read Description carefully before you order. Details about service such as " Start Time, Speed, Drop ratio, Guarantee duration " are clearly written in description. 
Description is mentioned as per previous results of that particular service. Service results may vary with time, however we will try our best to maintain our services as per mentioned description.
We are only responsible for the details & description provided by us. Don't over expect anything.

Customer Satisfaction

While you are ordering at, we assure you that your amount is 100% secure. We will provide full value of Your money. 
If you will report some issue like refill or speed up etc. You are not needed to worry about that particular order & report it again and again because our team keeps record of issues and take follow-ups from respective team every 6 hour and will not leave any issue unsolved.
Your account is 100% safe. Our firewall is enough strong that no one can hack your account.
However, you can enable 2-step verification for advance security of your account.

Refill Policy

Refill guarantee means we are responsible to refill your order within guarantee duration.
If you are using a service with guarantee "30 Days", it means we are only responsible for that particular service for 30 days only. For any case of drop, you have to refill it within 30 days. After 30 days, no refill will be provided, even you contact us for refill at 31st day. Same for 60 days, 99 days and other guarantees respectively. 
Refill is done manually, it can take up to 0-24H ( rarely: 48-72H ) to process your request. Refill can take up to 5-7 days when a service is facing overall issue in whole market.
If your order drop from start point after its started, Refill guarantee will expire. In such case we will not be able to refill and refund you. But we will try our best to recover your lose, but no guarantee for it.

Special Cases

Refill & Cancellation is done manually, it can take up to 0-24H ( rarely: 48-72H ) to process your request. During overall issues in whole market, cancellation can take upto 5-7 days.
Never put second order on same link before first order is completed. If you do so, you may face amount lose due to overlapping of orders. In this situation, we will try to recover your lose, but can't guarantee it.
If you have put cancellation request for one order, don't replace order on that link anywhere else even at our platform until its cancelled. If you will do so, you may face payment lose issues. We will not be able to refund it.
If your order is dropped, don't place next order before refilling is completed on previous order. If you will do so, we will not be able to refill previous order.

Special Cases

If you use non-refill service, there is no guarantee for delivery and refill. Please check these services yourself before ordering. We will not be responsible for these services on any issue. If you order today and drop off tomorrow, still no claim will be accepted. Even, if order is not delivered completely, no claim will be acceptable.
Panel main currency is USD. so, if you are using other currencies like PKR, INR etc. you may see fluctuation in your account balance due to fluctuation in Google dollar rate according to your local currency. 
We don't allow multiple accounts per user. If you have more than one accounts ask support to suspend one of them. If you don't do so, we can suspend all your accounts. you wouldn't be able to claim them back.

Withdraw policy

You can withdraw your account balance to your bank account, but for a valid reason.
you may have to pay some additional charges for it. No Provider provides this facility, only is providing. So, don't misuse it.

Types of misuse

Deposit the only amount you need to order at If you send extra amount you will not be able to withdraw it into your bank accounts.
If you send us some amount by mistake, you will not be able to make it withdraw.
You can only withdraw amount if your orders are cancelled due to any reasons and we are unable to complete them.

Privacy Policy

We highly value the privacy of our customers.
We collect data like "Email, Username & Phone" so that we can contact our clients any time if needed. 
Also we keep your sale & re-sale private with us. We don't try to contact directly the customers from resellers. We never unveil that who is taking services form us.
we never edit or delete customer data & also don't allow any third party to access our users data.


Please don't share your secret data such as Username, Email & Password with anyone. If you feel someone else is using your account, please change your password as soon as possible.